Facial Treatments

Facial Treatment
Facial Treatment

•Facial Treatment: European facial, LED light therapy facial, and mini facial. (Dermalofica products are available)

.Revitalizing & refreshing mask: Exfoliant scrub + Nu Skin 180 face wash to exfloliate and clean with active vitamin C, refreshing mask helps extract impurities, removes dead skin cells, rejuvenates damaged skin, providing refreshingly smooth skin, ageLOC tru face essence ultra.

.Microdermabrasion: During a microdermabrasion treatment, which usually takes 30 minutes to an hour, the practitioner uses a hand-held device that emits crystals, which remove the top layer of skin. The procedure can give the skin a healthy glow, boost collagen production, reduce the apperance of large pores, diminish acne scars and reduce early signs of aging, such as fine wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. A benefit to the procedure is that there is no recovery time and virtually no side effects, except for slight redness.

.Chemical Facial Peals: Typically administered as a facial peel, a chemical peel enhances and smoothens the texture of the skin. It is an effective treatment for facial blemishes, wrinkles, and uneven skin pigmentation. They exfoliate the outer layers of dead skin, revealing a new skin layer with improved tone, texture, and color. In addition to full facial rejuvenation, certain types of skin peels can also be used for spot treatments and as a way to remove stretch marks or rejuvenate skin elsewhere on the body.

.The Classic Facial: This facial begins with a deep pore cleansing and streaming, then there will be a process of massage, masque and moisturizer to improve skin’s appearance.

•Deep Cleaning Facial : This relaxing treatment offers deep pore cleansing, surface exfoliation, steaming, masque, and moisturizer. This treatment will bring stressed skin into comfortable balance.